September 20, 2010

Abandoned? Not by God.

Why is it that the times when you feel abandoned by God you feel abandoned by everyone? I know God hasn't abandoned me and won't ever abandon me, but sometimes He feels distant. I know His love and grace is surrounding me completely. I have faith I am not alone. Sometimes I feel abandoned though by the people I love the most, I feel more disappointed and betrayed because they are the ones I trust the most and look to the most. When I need help, I go to them. But I think this feeling of abandonment comes from my distance from God. When God doesn't feel present in my life, when the one person that promises to never abandon or disappoint me feels distant, how can I not feel the same way towards people around me? Loved ones will always disappoint me and will never be able to fulfill my needs, but God can. God is the fullfiller of my soul. The Joy of my life. The One that will always unconditionally love me. I find peace knowing I will never be disappointed by the One that is most precious to me.

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