November 17, 2010

No Disappointment. Our God is a flawless God.

Why is life full of disappointment and burdens? When God said life with Him wouldn't be easy I didn't realize that in a way my life would be harder. As a follower of Christ not only are my actions supposed to display Christ likeness, but so are my thoughts and feelings also. That is so incredibly hard. I am disappointed, but cannot blame anyone because they no nothing of my thoughts or expectations. I think I am starting to understand why God says, "Give Me everything and put all your expectations in Me." Because God will never disappoint us with His character.  Our God is a flawless God. How incredible is that? We may be disappointed with His decisions, but that is only disappointment from our plans not succeeding. But what about His plans? God knows better. He never gives us reason to be disappointed in His plans, because He has our life planned out from the day our heart starts beating until the day it stops. I will not accept this disappointment any longer because my plans did not succeed. God's plan is succeeding. 

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