December 3, 2010

My Flawless God.

Once again I have stumbled across the problem that any other human being has. I put my hopes in other people. Why do we not get it? Time after time we put our hopes in people and again and again we get disappointed. Why don't we get change what we do? Why don't we try and put our hopes somewhere else rather than the same place and hope that maybe just maybe things will change the next time? It doesn't make sense why we set ourselves up for pain over and over. Our God is an incredible God. He does not force anything on us. Obviously things with Him would be easier, but as humans we choose to do things our way over and over. How incredibly patient our God is! He lets us make the choice. I am tired of putting my hopes in people and being disappointed every time. I want to learn to put all my hopes in my Savior. He never disappoints. I want to change my ways and stop hoping for a flawless human to come into my life. I am now looking to my flawless God. 

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