April 27, 2011

Who am I to God?

Today I was thinking about how important I am to God. I have always been taught that we need God in our life and we do. We truly need a Lord and a Savior in our lives. But today I was wondering if God needed me?  I was wondering if I am important to God? Do I really matter to the creator of the universe? I am honestly not sure if God needs me, but I do know that I am important to God and that I truly do matter to Him. If I wasn't important to Him then He would have never died in my place. I realized today that it doesn't matter if I am not important to people. Of course I want to matter in people's lives, but I don't need that. I only need to matter to one person, the Redeemer of my soul. I want peace knowing that I only need the love of my Savior. And if all else fails in this world, I will not fail because my life matters to my Daddy.  I may fail in my eyes, but in my Lord's eyes I have succeeded. I think that my failures are His plans sometimes. My life is protected by my King. My heart is safe in my Protector's love. I am wanted by My Daddy. I am loved by the Love of my life. I am the daughter of a King who never stops giving. I am the love of a Savior who never stops loving. 

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