October 30, 2011

The Lord reigns in everything...

For the past couple years my family has watched a family member gradually walk away from the Lord. We did not just sit back and watch pretending nothing was happening. I just think we did not realize the severity of it. I think we thought this would pass, that maybe this was just a time of doubt that they had to work out on their own. Only until recently do I think we really saw how big this was and is. Sadly, the Lord is not present in their life and they are deciding that they don't want that kind of life right now. In a way, I have abandoned this relationship because I did not understand how to be in it. I have taken a step back praying how to approach this relationship. The Lord has revealed some things to me.

What I want to know though is, why didn't we do anything? Why did we just let them figure it out on their own? Why didn't we walk through this with them? It makes me really rethink about how I deal with people who are struggling with their relationship with the Lord. In the past, I have taken the approach that I can't fix their relationship with the Lord and they need to wrestle with it on their own. But now I don't think I like that approach. Maybe we can actually have an influence on the people who are walking through this. Instead of condemning them for their doubts maybe we should walk through it with them. Meaning, if they are looking at other religions, look with them. Why not research with them and talk out and wrestle every deep question. Instead of trying to prove the Bible's truth, why not disproved every other religion and then bring them to Truth? Instead of condemning them for their questions, why not journey with them? I just wonder if I had done this and truly supported them through their questions and guided them gently to the truth or even showed them the lies of other religions, would that have made a difference? I will not know if it does, but I know it is never too late to start.

I also realized that my testimony of faith can never be devalued or discounted. By this I mean, Instead of judging them for lack of faith, why am I not sharing my faith. Why am I not sharing what the Lord is doing in my life? So through lots of prayer and battles with the Lord, He has finally showed me what I am to do about this. I am to write letters (yes, through snail mail). I am not to condemn them for their lack of faith or for their lifestyle. I am not to mention anything about their faith or their questions they are wrestling with. I am simply to write letters speaking about how Christ is transforming and changing my life. I am to speak of where He is present in my life and where I feel I am struggling to see Him. I am to speak of my doubts and my questions. I am to be vulnerable and open about my relationship with the Lord. I am not to paint a picture of a undoubtful and perfect relationship. I am to show my real and true relationship with the Lord. I am to love them and speak truth to them through my testimony. I have full confidence this is what the Lord is asking of me right now. I am so excited to start and so excited to speak the Truth.

When the Lord revealed this to me, I was so excited! The Lord sent me a peace. Before I was burdened about this situation and so saddened. But now I feel peace. The Lord has granted me peace. The Lord showed me that His hand is present in their life and I am not to worry. The Lord reigns in every part of their life. I believe that. I believe the Lord will not ever let go of them. I have faith in the Lord's promise. I will cling to this Peace, always.

If anyone is reading this, I have one request: pray. Please pray. I have had only one prayer and I will hold to it until the Lord wins their heart back. My prayer scares me a little bit though because the Lord is faithful to answering prayers, but our salvation is more important that anything. I have been praying, "Do whatever it takes. Do whatever it takes to bring them back to you, Lord."

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